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Childspring International

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Addie Ellis

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Childspring International, a faith-based 501(c)3 nonprofit, grew out of the efforts of medical missionary teams to improve the health conditions of impoverished children in El Salvador in 1985. Overwhelmed by the number of children they were unable to treat, these missionaries sought help from doctors and hospitals in the United States. In 2001, Rose Emily Bermudez, the head of the missions committee at First Presbyterian Church in Atlanta, formally established a nonprofit to address the medical concerns of these children. In 2006, this organization was named Childspring International. Since its inception, Childspring International has served more than 4,600 children from 52 developing countries through its network of international and domestic medical partnerships.

Addie Ellis applied for a $20,000 TTR grant on behalf of Childspring International that would pay for life-changing hernia and orthopedic surgeries for children living in Haiti & India. The grant money would go towards Project 365 and Project Standing Strong. Project 365 will fund 20 hernia surgeries in Haiti. Project Standing Strong will fund 3 orthopedic surgeries in Haiti and 83 orthopedic surgeries in India.

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