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Fisher Brantley

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CARE for AIDS is based in Africa and exists to empower people to live a life beyond AIDS. They do this through facilitating transformation physically, emotionally, socially, economically, and spiritually for their clients over the course of a nine-month program. They provide an 9 month program for people who have AIDS(clients) where they care for them spiritually, physically and provide them with life skills. Clients attend seminars where they receive education about medicines, prenatal care, and life skills. Care for Aids partners with churches to house their centers and they hire “locals”to staff the centers. Their goal is to teach these communities to be self-sufficient. Currently 68 churches in East Africa partner with the organization to house the centers. Programs are held at each center. They accept individuals of all faiths but their ultimate goal is to convert as many as possible to Christianity.

Fisher Brantley applied for a $2500 TTR grant on behalf of CARE for AIDS. Fisher and his family have been involved with CARE for AIDS for several years. Along with other Whitefield families, they have run projects and hosted fundraisers to raise money to donate. His mother and brother have even been to Kenya to visit the organization. This grant would send 5 clients through the CARE for AIDS nine month program at the center in Mombasa. The clients would get medication, spiritual counseling, learn to be able to make something so the they can have financial improvement. The client gets physically better…which means they stay alive and often thrive.

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