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Restore Life

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Trinity & Katy-Grace Iverson

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Restore Life is a non-profit organization located in the Westside neighborhood of Atlanta, specifically in Grove Park. Their model is to empower local leaders to launch various programs transforming communities from the inside out. Restore Life exists to make known the restoration available to humanity through Jesus Christ and equip God’s people as agents of reconciliation and community renewal. All of Restore Life’s programs revolve around community leadership development. Whether they are current adult leaders in the community or leaders in the making (community youth), Restore Life discovers these leaders, mentors them, and invests resources in their ideas to help develop grass roots renewal and restoration movements in all areas of community life.

Trinity & Katy-Grace Iverson applied for a grant on behalf of Restore Life in the amount of $10,000 for their Studio Mentorship Program. This program targets at-risk youth by allowing them to work in a studio that is leased to professional sound engineers wanting to create ‘gospel-centered hip-hop’. After school hours this space is used for the youth, getting them off of the streets and away from drug environments. While they are working in the studio learning skills (recording, production, sound engineering), they are being mentored by Christian community leaders who feel relevant to them. This grant would allow Restoration Studios to expand their mentorship program by 20 students (currently 60 students) by providing the following:

$3,000 – 3 iMac Computers for program expansion $1,000 – Midi controllers/production stations, software, microphones cables $6,000 – 3 new Part-Time Music Mentors

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