Center for Children and Young Adults (CCYA) (UPDATED)

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Center for Children & Young Adults (CCYA)

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Lexi Kantor

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The grant money received by CCYA has been such a huge blessing to them! COVID keep the students in Remote Learning through November 1st, so the extra space and school supplies helped them navigate the difficult times. The Seniors have their own space and even got to decorate their desk spaces. They also created a student lounge with snacks and couches. This has really helped to set the kids up this year for success with everything that is going on and having to learn remotely!

The Center for Children and Young Adults (CCYA) is a transformative, model program whose mission is to provide safe and suitable housing, youth development activities, and comprehensive supportive housing
services for at-risk homeless youth who have been abandoned, abused, neglected and/or sexually exploited.

CCYA operates 3 residential programs located in 3 buildings on one campus which includes:

(1) Open Gate serving 9 girls ages 12–17 (2) Rise Up Academy (formerly Another Chance) serving 11 co-ed youth ages 16-20. Rise Up offers youth who are functioning at a higher level, both socially and behaviorally a transitional living environment, without the disruption of youth with more challenging behavior. This has
decreased anxiety, reduced incidents, increased opportunities in the community -including group travel and outings, positive peer relationships, and further improved academic performance. (3) Life Works, serving 22 co-ed youth, this is a transitional living program that prepares youth and young adults ages 17–20 for emancipation and independence in the community.

Lexi Kantor applied for a TTR grant on behalf of CCYA in the amount of $8561. This grant that would expand upon a successful prior TTR-funded project (2017) by funding critical technology, a study center and testing fee needs. This project would benefit all children living at CCYA, but especially the high school students, children in the GED program and college students. There are currently 12 Chromebooks at CCYA from the prior TTR grant in 2017, but this does not adequately support the current needs of the kids at CCYA. Additionally, CCYA does not have any printers for the students to use. Right now, the 22 youth in Life Works do not have a proper place to study and do homework during these academically challenging years.

The funds from this grant would be used to purchase 12 additional Chromebooks and 3 printers. In addition to covering GED testing fees and senior fees, CCCYA would be able to create a Life Works study center for 22 which includes desks, chairs, couches, and bookshelves.

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