Center for Children and Young Adults

Grant Recipient

Center for Children and Young Adults

Student Representative

Lexi Kantor

Grant Amount


Year Received


Our second award, in the amount of $8,614, goes to the Center for Children and Young Adults, represented by Lexi Kantor. CCYA provides a safe environment with comprehensive services for homeless youth and young adults, mostly here in Cobb County, who have been abused, abandoned, neglected, or are at risk. Young people in shelters face huge educational challenges. CCYA gets them back in school and works to support successful high school graduation and college entry.

These funds will provide new chromebooks for students to use at the shelter (they currently have to arrive at school very early to borrow staff laptops or use the computer labs when available). Most of us cannot imagine not having the tools we need at home to complete assignments on time. This money will also fund college prep courses for SAT/ACT exams for high school seniors. Lastly, this grant will help with graduation expenses for high school seniors. Imagine working this hard to graduate high  and not being able to afford to participate in graduation. Lexi, thank you for sharing your heart for this organization and for all of your hard work!

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