Feed My Lambs

Grant Recipient

Feed My Lambs

Student Representative

Kailey Williams and Jackson Williams

Grant Amount


Year Received


Our fourth award, in the amount of $11,000, goes to Feed My Lambs Austell, represented by Kailey Williams and Jackson Williams. Feed My Lambs is a Christ Centered organization that provides preschool for children ages 3-5. They partner with businesses and churches in

impoverished communities to help empower at-risk children spiritually, academically, physically and socially. Space is currently very limited, and the school has a long wait list as a result. These funds will be used to convert two church storage rooms into classrooms, furnish the new classrooms, supply the teachers with new computers and assist in remodeling two bathrooms.

A solid start in Christian education strengthens families and communities, as we well know. Thank you Kailey and Jackson for your hard work, and for sharing your hearts for this ministry and the many ways their work benefits our local community!

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