Twelve Churches

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Twelve Churches

Student Representative

Luke Sinclair & Angela Sanchez

Grant Amount


Year Received


Angela Sanchez (9th) and Luke Sinclair (11th) were awarded a $10,500 grant for Twelve Churches in Nicaragua.  Angela and Luke have supported this organization for 5 years and have been on several mission trips building strong relationships within the local community.  Twelve Churches was initiated and incorporated to support the churches in Nicaragua by working with and equipping pastors and their congregations to better bring people into a deeper relationship with JesusChrist.  The will be used to build a new kitchen to be used by cooks to prepare a nutritious meal for the 325 kids who are malnourished and do not have a well balanced diet. The kitchen will increase the number of days that Twelve Churches can feed these children.  Food draws children and families to the Christ centered church environment and seeks to sustain the local community not only with nutritious meals but also by bringing them to Jesus the ultimate bread of life.  Check out these photos of the children served and current kitchen conditions.  

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