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Say hello to Vivian Tillman, a fourth grade student at Whitefield Academy.  Vivian was awarded a TTR grant for $5000 in support of the Vladimir Bryant Foundation in Haiti whose mission is to create an inclusive elementary and secondary school where all students are welcomed -regardless of gender, ethnicity, or socio economic background. Children will learn, contribute to and take part in all aspects of school life.  Children with disabilities in Haiti are often discarded by their families and society because they don’t understand how to and aren’t equipped to care for their special needs.  These children are not allowed to attend regular schools.  Grant funds will help expand VBF’s program allowing them to hire 2 local elementary school teachers and one physical therapist. The additional staff will teach specific skills, beginning with learning to hold a pencil which will open the door to further learning.  Vivian learned of this organization through her mom’s work and is passionate about helping these students reach their God-given potential.


  1. Betty Jane Foglio, BSN, RN on November 13, 2022 at 8:45 pm

    What a wonderful testimony to be able to share, ie, receiving monies to support VBF! I am praying that the compassion Vivian has for the children served by the VBF will
    influence Vivian in her work and “Ministry” as it were as she grows into adulthood. Let us pray.

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